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Other Products


We offer a limited range of quality glues from German company KLEIBCHEMIE (M.G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG), from their brand "KLEIBERIT" PVA (D3 and D4) and PUR glues. These products are meant for professional use for carpentry and joinery. We offer these products to DIY - small customers and also for professional users, with good price and quick shipments.

Currier fee will be added to the invoice in case of shipping.

You can order from us different wooden products, materials, services and solutions:

For carpentry and joinery:

  • exotic hardwood lumber (KD 8-10%)

  • exotic hardwood veneer

  • veneered panels (MDF, HDF, Chipboard)

  • natural wood edge banding

  • transport service

  • cut to size sawing service

  • purchasing, collecting, loading service

For home owner / DIY:

  • garden shed, small building and installation service

  • wooden deck/terrace building service

  • wooden fence building and maintaining service

  • carpentry service

Please send your inquiry via e-mail ar call on our phone number.


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