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We sell plywood made from Birch and Pine but also we are offering TWIN plywood (a core made from pine and outer layers made from birch). There are two types of plywood: interior and exterior (depending on the glue used between veneer layers). We stock today only exterior plywood as raw plywood and also as laminated plywood. Plywood is used widely in construction as a building structural material and also as for concrete casting form material. But today plywood is not used only for construction and packaging, more and more companies and people use plywood to make furniture, boats, wall panels, also widely used in interior design, etc. Our plywood comes from European producers, who harvest their raw material (logs) from well-managed forest's.

Raw Birch plywood is graded usually as following (both sides are evaluated):

B      sanded, no knots, uniform color​

BB   sanded, plugs allowed up to 3 per m2

CP   sanded, allowed: knots, putty, cracks

C      not sanded, allowed: knots, cracks (possible to order as sanded)

Exterior Pine and TWIN plywood are graded usually as following (both sides are evaluated):

I        sanded, allowed up to 15mm sound knots and up to 6mm putty filled knots and plugs 5 pcs/m2,  uniform color. 

II       sanded, allowed plugs, some color change, some cracks and up to 50mm sound knots and up to 25mm putty filled knots.

III      sanded, allowed plugs, some color change, some cracks and up to 60mm sound knots and up to 40mm putty filled knots.

IV     lot's of the defect's allowed

In the case of Film face plywood (the film is actually special paper which is impregnated with phenol or melamine resin), we are looking color, pattern, and thickness of the film. Most common are brown, smooth, phenol film with the weight of 120g/m2. But there are different colors and patterns available. 

F            smooth film

W          wire mesh film

Crown  hexagonal pattern

Following thicknesses are awailable:

4mm / 6,5mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 21mm / 24mm / 27mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 50mm 

Size (length x width): 1250 x 2500mm ja 1500 x 3000mm

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